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Great Minds, part 1 …..

Posted in ideas, Uncategorized by dave225 on August 29, 2008

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

It’s so basic that it may be too vague to start with, but I think this quote sums up a lot about being satisfied – in your job, in life, in general. The cornerstone to being happy is being positive; and ideas are naturally positive thoughts. Ideas are about creativity, dreaming big, collaboration and impact.

Become a visionary. And if you can’t directly affect your company’s strategy, go out of your way to understand it, adopt it, live it. The more engaged you become with the big picture – the vision, the ideas – the more you are helping to execute it and, in the long run, you will affect the vision.

And if you are a visionary – how well are communicating your vision? How well are you engaging and orienting your staff toward that vision?

I’m reminded of an obscure lyric: “It’s an ordinary day, I’m not getting paid to think. But thoughts still come from time to time.” No matter what your role is in an organization, you own your thoughts.

Be a great mind. every day.

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Your happy existence

Posted in Disclaimers by dave225 on August 26, 2008

This blog is about you controlling your own happiness in your job.  In a place where you spend a lot of your time and thought, yet control less of it than you might be willing to admit – if you can’t control the tactical, you can at least control your involvement and your reactions.  (Or, as we hope to reckon, your actions.  There will be no more reactions!)

I have to admit that I have a great job, don’t have a boss from hell, and I serve a noble cause. But I like to think that if I woke up tomorrow and found myself shoveling shit for a world-class moron that peddled guns to children – I would have the perspective I need to either be satisfied in that job or know when to quit. So the blog posts to follow may be a bit of “let them eat cake” – but I’ve eaten my share of moldy bread too. Sometimes you can close your eyes and hold your nose, and sometimes you have to risk going hungry rather than eat something that’ll kill you.

So I welcome comments that keep me from professing my Utopia (or, Nirvana*, i guess) as the real world.

*Also, I don’t really know anything about Buddhism. The “Zen” is the Yin & Yang of being happy in a capitalistic society. Creative license. And yes, I get the irony of spouting superficial business platitudes and calling it Zen … But the end is supposed to justify the means and the greater good is your ability to live happily in your existence… or to change it.

So I’m not too interested in comments about that, but they might prove to be entertaining.