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Great Minds, part 1 …..

Posted in ideas, Uncategorized by dave225 on August 29, 2008

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

It’s so basic that it may be too vague to start with, but I think this quote sums up a lot about being satisfied – in your job, in life, in general. The cornerstone to being happy is being positive; and ideas are naturally positive thoughts. Ideas are about creativity, dreaming big, collaboration and impact.

Become a visionary. And if you can’t directly affect your company’s strategy, go out of your way to understand it, adopt it, live it. The more engaged you become with the big picture – the vision, the ideas – the more you are helping to execute it and, in the long run, you will affect the vision.

And if you are a visionary – how well are communicating your vision? How well are you engaging and orienting your staff toward that vision?

I’m reminded of an obscure lyric: “It’s an ordinary day, I’m not getting paid to think. But thoughts still come from time to time.” No matter what your role is in an organization, you own your thoughts.

Be a great mind. every day.

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