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Posted in Uncategorized by dave225 on September 4, 2008

This may seem ridiculously obvious, but it took me a long time to learn, and I have to remind myself of it every week…. Work is not life.

Now, countless people before me have spoken about not putting all of your energy into your job, and I agree with them. But not because you may be missing out on life. Good golly, life is about experiences – so if you are getting a life’s worth of experiences through your work – good for you! I’m not trying to tell anyone where they should get their kicks.

But I am trying to tell people where not to get validation.  Or rather, from where not to derive too much validation.  You can put all the hours you want into your job, and you may well enjoy every minute of it. But you can’t make that your identity. Unless you outright own your business (and even then, you don’t own it – the market does.) – your livelihood can be taken from you at any time. Not to sound pessimistic – I just mean that tying your identity and self-validation to something that isn’t yours is a bad idea. No matter how important you are or how secure you are in your position, when it comes to your job, not everything is under your control.  More things in your life that you control = good.  Limit your dependence on things you don’t control.

So find additional places where you can feel good about yourself. Get a hobby. Volunteer. Challenge yourself!

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