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Great Minds, part 2 …..

Posted in ideas by dave225 on September 5, 2008

Great Minds Think Alike!”  Whether that’s just something you say when someone else shares your idea or whether it’s conventional wisdom….. it ain’t true.

A great mind I know refuted this old saying with, “Great minds do NOT think alike.  That’s the definition of a great mind, isn’t it?”  Ha.  Right on!  Great minds may reach similar conclusions, but a truly great mind thinks independently.

You acquire a great mind by exercising the one you’ve got.  Question everything.  Learn what makes other people tick.  Turn things upside-down and imagine how things would work if they were bigger, smaller, inside-out, black, white, broken, mended, backwards …. Take the last hour of the day today to examine your current work – the stuff you were going to do anyway – and think about how you could do it without its most essential element.

For example, how might you write a blog post without language?  Well, you could resort to pictures… Now, you go…

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