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Take a Vacation

Posted in stress relief by dave225 on September 19, 2008

Sometimes you just need to get away….

You might say it’s too busy to leave right now – well maybe that’s the best time to leave!

There’s never a great time to leave work – If you have a busy job, it’s always busy.  But that’s what makes a vacation so easy to do!  You’re going to have just as much crap piled on your desk when you get back as you would if you stayed.  Maybe more.  But you’re only going to be able to do as much as you can do.   (Read Doing less with less – be a monk.)  So take some time for yourself and let go of whatever’s waiting for you at the office.

Keep it in perspective: Your job is work.  Your life is worth way more than that.  Don’t forget to enjoy it.

I’ve taken vacations with a laptop before – and I’m glad that I did.  An hour in the morning of checking in (not because I was afraid of the world continuing without me, but because I was really energized about my job and loved it) – followed by 5 hours on the beach.  Not only did I keep up so that I wouldn’t have a lot of catching up to do when I returned, but I worked whenever I wanted and played whenever I wanted.   The way work ought to be!

But taking a vacation and completely shutting out work for a week (or two!) is even better.  You don’t need to scramble the day before you leave to get it all done – or burn up upon re-entry.. Approach it as you would any other day; do the important things first and let the small stuff go…

There is no crisis unless lives are at stake.

..and, I’m off….

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