Zen is you – Be.


Posted in ideas by dave225 on October 6, 2008

I told my friend Lisa last week that working where I do is sort of a curse – it’s a great job with a great company of smart and cooperative people. I love it (most of the time.) And because my job is something I enjoy and a place where I can still develop professionally, I have no incentive to look for anything else. Which means that I’m not likely to find anything else. Which may eventually make me complacent. So I keep my eye on my profession and my marketability. But I don’t keep my eye on my other options – outside of my profession, my comfort zone, my universe. Maybe I could be a professional dog sitter, a tour guide someplace exotic, an artist, a window washer, a card shark or a drifter! I don’t know which of those things I’d truly like to be, if any. I don’t have any intention of finding out right now – because I really like what I do.

Maybe you’re in a different place. If you don’t like what you do, take a chance! Think about what you stand to lose versus what you’re losing every day. Can you adjust down your standard of living in exchange for … well, living!

To invert a quote from m’man (man?) Yoda who said, “There is only do and not do. There is no ‘try’.” I say, “There is no succeed or fail. There is only ‘experience’.”

My friends Pat & Dianne are in the process of selling their house, quitting their jobs and travelling the country. I don’t have the guts. I’m envious, but I like a bit more security than that. But what’s secure these days? Maybe there’s more security in not having to rely on your job being there or your house and possessions being there, but in just having the wits and the skills to live happily without being chained to the preservation of those objects. You know that passage about it being more difficult for a rich man to get into heaven than getting a camel through the eye of a needle? Well that’s what it’s about.

So for now I can balance putting in the hours doing something intellectually stimulating in exchange for the comfortable trap of “stuff” ownership – and I think there’s nothing wrong with that, especially in the land of uber-capitalism.

Time is linear, baby. You can’t go back and you shouldn’t wish ahead. So are you enjoying now?

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