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Make a List

Posted in stress relief by dave225 on April 13, 2009

I used to be able to keep everything in my head.. If I had a meeting next Thursday at 2:30, I could remember it.  I have no idea how I was ever able to do that – even if I had one tenth the obligations that I have now, I can’t remember more than about three days in advance.

So I started keeping a list, and a calendar.  And everything I have to do – whether it’s work, home or just an idea that I have – goes on the list.  I can keep track of everything – oh boy wha a great idea that was.  I’ll bet you never thought of making a list before.

Are you in fifth grade?  Why am I telling you to make a list?

Well, you can keep track of all your stuff however you want to – I don’t care if you use a list or hire a lackey.  The point isn’t to help you remember all the stuff you have to do – in fact, if you can do less stuff, that would be my first piece of advice.  And failing that, I might even tell you to let stuff fall through the cracks.  So why make a list?  So you can stop thinking about what you have to do later.  Forget later.  What are you doing right now?  Think about that more.

Enjoy your current circumstance.  Whatever you’re doing right now, really do it.  And if you can’t focus on your current situation, leave it.  Go do something you can focus on.  And when other thoughts come to you, write them down and forget it.  Set yourself free.